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We are not a gym. We're a health and fitness community that incorporates unexpectedly fun exercise, common-sense nutrition, expert education, and unrivaled encouragement to empower YOUR life transformation.
"It’s a very tight group and you don’t feel that in other gyms."
TrYumph Fitness is THE missing piece in YOUR transformation story. 
Schedule a FREE consultation and learn how you can change your body and
your life with our research-driven, radically successful transformation system! 
Schedule your FREE consultation and learn how you can change your body and 
your life with our research-driven, proven transformation system! 
Health Coaching 
Are You Ready To Become Our Next Success Story? 
Why choose TrYumph? 
Did you know that 9 out of 10 people will fail on any diet or weight loss program! It is virtually impossible to get results working on your own. Even the best athletes in the world have coaches to help improve and perfect their best.

Transformation is a mindset shift. You must eliminate the story that is holding you back. To truly transform, you have to focus on the inside. You have to know your why. Your why is your purpose and your core identity. 
When your focus is here (identity) instead of there (outcomes), inevitably you get the results you’re looking for AND you get to keep them for life. 
Matt O'Brien, with 20 years experience, published author, and transformation coach has helped his clients collectively lose thousands of pounds successfully and keep them off. And now he has discovered a new "secret" to weight loss that is helping our clients lost 20-30 pounds in only 4 to 6 weeks.
Getting started is the hardest part of any journey. To help you take your first steps, the TrYumph staff of certified personal trainers and coaches will discuss your goals and lifestyle to make realistic modifications that will work for you. Our programs are results-driven and most importantly, when you join us as a client, you become part of our TrYumph Family. 
  • Expert, Knowledgeable Team
  • Motivating, Friendly Community
  • Variety of Programs & Classes
  • Integrated Nutrition & Weight Loss
  • Comfortable, Private Studio
The first step is to schedule a Free, No-obligation Consultation with one of our Team Members.
What can you expect at tryumph fitness? 
  • Clean, Modern Indoor Personal Training Studio
  • Exhilarating 60 Minute TrYFit Workouts
  • ​One-on-One Personal Training 
  •  Nutrition and Health Coaching
  • ​Recovery and Stretching Sessions (New)
  • ​PEMF Sessions to Reduce Inflammation (New)
  •  Accountability and Expert Guidance
  •  State of the Art Equipment
This Is Your Chance!
ONLY 6 weeks from now you could be pounds lighter, full of energy, and feeling great about yourself. 
Doesn't that sound better than struggling along on your own trying to lose weight and getting nowhere? 
  • V.I.P. / Variation, Intensity, Progressions
  • Resistance Training
  • H.I.I.T. High Intensity Interval Training
  • ​Regeneration
  • ​Whole Food Based
  • ​Low Glycemic
  • Supplementation
  • ​Electro-Magnetic Impedance & Calipers
  • ​MyZone System
  • ​24/7 Support
  • ​Weekly & Monthly Check-ins
  • ​Credible Expertise
  • ​Strong Education
  • ​Influencal and Inspire
  • ​Hear, See, Do Method!
  • ​Encouraging Atmosphere
  • ​Fun and Inviting Environment
  • ​Over-all Positive Experience
  • ​FB Communication Forum 
Frequently Asked Questions

But What If I'm Really Out Of Shape?

Great question. With health and nutrition coaching you don't have to exercise to get started. Most Of the people who join TrYumph Fitness are motivated because of that very reason. The great news is our programs are extremely versatile! They're designed with the beginner in mind. And while the workouts will be scaled up as you progress, you'll be starting out slow and steady.

But What If I Don't Like Health Food?

Well, the good news is that I'm not going to tell you to eat a rabbit food diet. In fact, you'll probably just be changing the timing of most of your meals. Our meal plans are full of delicious foods that can be easily found at your local grocery store - No packaged meals - No exotic items to search for.

But What If I Have Old Injuries Or Limitations? 

That's no problem. Each exercise in our TrYFit Workouts has a modification option or an alternative. You'll never be expected to do anything above your ability and you'll begin at a pace you're comfortable with.

What If I Have Very Low Energy Now?

This is quite common when you eat the wrong foods or eat the right foods at the wrong time.  Our programs are designed to supercharge your energy levels. Within the first week you'll notice that you're sleeping like a rock and have much more energy while you're awake! 
What Our Clients Say
I was 50lbs over weight and just did not feel good about myself. Talking with friends at church they told me about TrYumph. Fast forward, I am 43lbs less and feel better than ever. 28in28 program works great even if you're like "the old me," lazy and stubborn.
When I started the 12 Week Challenge, I had just finished recuperating from a back injury. I weas amazed how easily all of the trainers were able to modify the exercises for me to ensure I did not hurt myself again. It felt like a family member was looking out for me all the time 
The biggest thing I learned was probably about food. Through my personal attitude change about food and all the knowledge and information Matt provided us with, I really altered my perspective on food and eating. I know I am able to make better decisions about what I put in my body and stocker... it does affect everything else. 
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TrYumph Fitness is NOT a giant mega gym. This means space is VERY limited. We make sure that every person who joins the TrYumph Nation movement has the personal attention they need so they can achieve the health and body they have always wanted! 
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